Wonder Woman 1984 Review: Patty Jenkin’s Return to Wonder Yields Not So Wonderful Results

In the sequel to the much beloved Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins returns to the world of wonder without the wonder that made the original film so special.

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Pretending I’m A Superman: The Tony Hawk Video Game Story Review – Skating Downhill with No Kneepads

For a documentary about the “Tony Hawk video game story”, it’s light on all the things that made Pro SKater even possible.

My review of Pretending I’m A Superman: The Tony Hawk Video Game Story.

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Tenet Blu-Ray Review: Christopher Nolan’s Magnum Opus – If A Bit Confusing

After months of waiting, I was finally able to see Tenet.

Here are my thoughts on the home video release.

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Wild Mountain Thyme Review: A Movie Not Worth Your Thyme

In the newest film from John Patrick Shanley, he absolutely fails to deliver a meaningful adaptation of his stage play.

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Happiest Season Review: Making Christmas Gay Again

Clea DuVall changes up the home for the holiday formula by introducing one of the first LGBT couples in a major feature film.

My review of Hulu’s Happiest Season.

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Wander Darkly Review | AFI Fest 2020

Sienna Miller and Diego Luna go to therapy in this time-bending romance from the mind of writer-director Tara Miele.

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On the Rocks Review

In Sofia Coppola’s latest, she questions the very feeling you get in your gut.

My review of Apple TV+’s On the Rocks.

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Luxor Review | AFI Fest 2020

Gorgeous cinematography cannot save a wandering plot.

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Sound of Metal Review | AFI Fest 2020

Darius Marder’s Sound of Metal asks the hard questions, both of Riz Ahmed’s Ruben and the viewer surrounding the culture of deafness.

My review of Sound of Metal below.

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I’m Your Woman Review | AFI Fest 2020

In Julia Hart’s crime thriller I’m Your Woman, Rachel Brosnahan makes a case for her Best Actress Oscar.

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Possessor Review

Brandon Cronenberg crafts one of the best horror films in recent years with his latest film, Possessor.

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Yellow Rose Review

Diane Paraga’s direction impresses in this film about the American dream, chosen family, and more in Yellow Rose.

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