June Fundraiser Details

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Hey, y’all, I promised details on the June fundraiser, and well, it’s June. 

So, here’s what I’ve got planned.

Starting today, I have updated my Patreon goals (which you can see in the image above) for Year Two.

Year Two fundraising, I’ve decided is going to be needs-based. So, every goal fulfills a need I cannot currently fulfill with my Patreon earnings, ranging from $25/month to $3,000/month. The way I’ll be measuring how many needs are met is through the above thermometer. I don’t expect to hit all twenty goals (hence why everything after $490 is a stretch goal), but it would be really cool. Y’all have been huge supporters of me, and I can’t thank you enough.

But what do you get out of it?

On Saturday, I’ll be live for the first of four live streams. Anyone, Patron or not, will be able to ask me questions about Austin B Media, give your thoughts on a particular subject, and overall, just hang out for as long as possible. For Patrons, don’t worry, we’re still scheduled for a Patron Hangout, and that will still be exclusive to Patrons; I’ll just have a second Hangout later that day for the public.

Also, I will have a watch party for a to-be-determined movie this Friday.

Any new Patron or someone who donates to Austin B Media will be given the opportunity to have me record a short video for them saying how awesome they are!

Also, if I somehow get even half of the thermometer filled, I’ll be expanding The Austin B Media Podcast into a video podcast, offer text alerts, push notifications, as well as a cool app.

Until next time!

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