Welcome to Austin B Media

Welcome to Austin B Media

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Some of you may know me, some of you may (pun intended) not. So, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Austin Belzer and I love talking about movies, games, music, and more recently, what I do to help keep every day more interesting than the last. Some of the places I’ve written for are: GameSkinny, Proven Gamer , The Vertical Slice, and in the past year, SiftPop and Movie Health Community.

My hope is that, with the formation of Austin B Media, I forge a new outlet for myself that will allow me to talk about pretty much everything I love, but in an entirely new way than all of my past writing.

That new way has to deal a lot with how this site is structured and its name. As you may have noticed, there’s a menu. That menu will take you to whatever you want to know about. If you only want to read about my movie opinions, feel free to just bookmark it. Same with my thoughts on Music, Games, Austin (more in the next paragraph).

So, about the Austin portion. This part is gonna be hard to explain, so I’ll just try to explain it as best as I can. I want a place where I share my life (and its lessons) with you as well as learning from my readers.

I know you have a lot of options for blogs and I hope you choose to add mine to your ever-growing list of websites to visit.

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