Welcome to Year Two of Austin B Media

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A year ago, I decided to listen to my creative brain and form Austin B Media. My vision for this endeavor was to be a one-stop-shop for everything entertainment, technology, and occasional life advice.
In that year, I’d say I’ve achieved the entertainment part, having reviewed films and television shows from 18 different production studios, became a part of nearly 40 press lists, went to AFI Fest 2020, Sundance 2021, and the 93rd Oscars. I also started this very Patreon page, hoping that enough people would support me so that I can keep doing what I’m already doing without worrying about whether I’d be able to keep doing this.
Today starts Year Two of Austin B Media. I say that not only as a symbolic turning of a page but as a way to celebrate what’s coming next.
So, what is coming next?
First in foremost is I want to go to more festivals. Specifically, these festivals: 

  • AFI Docs
  • AFI Fest
  • Annecy International Animation Festival
  • Austin Film Festival
  • Berlinale
  • Cannes Film Festival
  • E3
  • Fantasia International Film Festival
  • HollyShorts Film Festival
  • Hot Docs Film Festival
  • London Film Festival
  • Raindance Film Festival
  • Seattle International Film Festival
  • Telluride Film Festival
  • Toronto International Film Festival
  • Tribeca Film Festival
  • Vancouver International Film Festival
  • Venice Film Festival
  • Woodstock Film Festival

Then, I want to move away from my current host, WordPress and get a professional website. This new version of my website will offer ads to supplement Patreon income, an article progress bar, push notifications, an optimized web app, social icons within my banner, a sticky site header, and an automatic light & dark mode based on your location.
Something new I’m adding this year is to push video wherever possible. “Pushing video” means Stories on Facebook and Instagram, Fleets on Twitter, live-streamed event reactions on both Twitch & YouTube, game streams for underappreciated games on Twitch, as well as video interviews, a weekly news wrap-up show, reviews, and previews on my YouTube channel.
For Patrons, I also want to make sure that you get even more content in the form of Lens clips, a weekly Patron-only newsletter, ad-free content, access to an upcoming eBook on how to go from a hobby blogger to a critic, Patron giveaways (at the $15/month tier), Monthly movie commentaries and monthly bonus episodes of The Austin B Media Podcast (at the $20/month) level.
Speaking of The Austin B Media Podcast, there will now be three segments to the podcast feed. One portion of it will be audio versions of the articles I write, the weekly podcast, and an audio-only version of any interviews I conduct.
There are also refined and new goals. The $400/month goal is now related to having my business expenses paid for, and a new $1800/month goal is related to being able to do this for a living.
Next month, I’ll be doing an 8-hour live stream to raise money for the aforementioned professional website. Any extra funds raised in said live stream will go to getting better studio equipment like sound baffling for my microphone, a better computer monitor, an Apple TV 4K to view screeners on, and other equipment I don’t currently have the budget for.
Another thing I want to do this year is to honor that original idea of being a one-stop-shop for entertainment, technology, and a website people like visiting.
One of the promises I failed on was a weekly newsletter titled Austin B Updates. That will be one of the things I’m relaunching in the upcoming week. This will include links to everything I post, a weekly poll, and links to the podcasts I publish every week. 
In the Patron-only version of the newsletter, there will also be links to my Patreon posts and what’s coming up in the next week.
For those who follow me on social media, I’ll also be making huge strides here. I’ll be applying to become a Letterboxd HQ member (Letterboxd’s way to highlight publications), introduce the option to subscribe to Austin B Media via text, weekly playlists on Spotify, share any video-game related content on Steam, start using Twitter Spaces to react to events once they’re over (after it comes to Twitter as a whole, not just iOS users).

I will also be hiring an editor to proofread and edit my posts before I publish them. 
Speaking of publishing, I will begin writing for other publications to get my name out there and in front of more and more people.

Last but certainly not least, I will begin the process of opening up Austin B Media for occasional and regular contributors (up to them). These contributors will have to submit examples of their work, will receive credit for their work on the website, but will not receive any form of payment until they’ve stayed on for at least a year.

Oh, actually, I have one more thing! Whether you’re a new, existing, or an upgrading Patron, from May 1st to May 15th, you will receive a personal video from me thanking you for your support.

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