What to Expect from Apple’s “One More Thing” Event

What to Expect from Apple’s “One More Thing” Event

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On November 10th, Apple will hold its third online event in as many months. Like “Time Flies” and “Hi, Speed”, the event’s tagline tells us what to expect: one more thing. For anyone who has watched any Apple event in the past decade or so, this is the infamous line said at their annual September event, usually to announce a huge new product or product refresh. I might be reading too much into a tagline, but I think that this signifies that this is the final Apple event of 2020 and that the event will focus on a singular product or product lineup.

I think that this singular product or product lineup will be the MacBook laptop lineup. Specifically, the 13″ and 16″ MacBook Pros and the14″ MacBook Air. I think that this product refresh will be centered on the Apple Silicon architecture that Apple announced at this year’s WWDC.
Besides spending an absurd of time going over technical specifications, I gather this is also where we learn the release date of macOS Big Sur and possibly a tease of 2021 productions (although, that’s a very low possibility).

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